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Please watch the following video’s from my recent trip to Gaza. february 2009

The people of Gaza live in the worlds biggest open air prison, and with help from yourselves, we can help them break the siege, and try and live a normal life.

There’ an old saying, “The camera never lies”, so have a look at my footage, and make up your own minds.

 On October 4th, another convoy of aid led by George Galloway, intends to lead a team from Ireland and beyond to break the siege on Gaza once more.

So, if you are interested, please get in touch with me.


This video is of the truck handover in Gaza. Afer 24 days on the road from Tyrone and Wales, covering 6,500 miles over 12 countries, we hand the truck over to the people of Gaza.


 The Egyptians deny homeless people in Gaza blankets and clothes. I protest……..


The Destruction I witnessed in Gaza. Just horrible. The video says it all.


 A photo slideshow of photos I took in Gaz 


UTV Television interview from the Atlas Mountains in Algeria

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So, the last few days have been a hedy mixture of emotions. My Arabic friends,R, who is staying with us for a few days, and T, who lives close by, have been attempting to teach me some basic Arabic . They have also been giving me an insight into Arabic culture, as a woman and as a  guest in Gaza. My friend L, in Gaza, has already told me what the best clothing is to bring. For the first time in my life, i am glad i do not have the body that looks good in mini skirts and boob tubes, so my wardrobe of cover up clothes is pretty appropriate. !!!

Emotions have been all over the place, excitement at the idea of a whole new life for whatever length of time, fear of the unknown, doubt as to whether or not i can even try to make a difference, guilt at leaving some people behind, excitement again to meet up with my friends in Gaza again, and of course…………..hope that the ginger for the journey .keeps the seasickness away!

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