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36890691_10212150310576262_2653229344322748416_nI, like so many others worldwide, have watched and hoped, and thanked the bravery of the rescuers in Thailand for the successful ending to the young football teams saga. But, I like others still cry for the hundreds of other children worldwide who die needlessly in war, conflict,  for the ignorance, and arrogance of politics, greed, and corruption. Derek and I  have personally carried the bodies of young children and babies to their graves, We have seen the body parts of victims of war scattered apart from the young souls of way too many, been handed lifeless bodies wet from a perilous sea journey, a journey fraught with danger and with a likelihood of death but which was still the safer option than staying home.


Sadly, this is not a blog post on past events, it still happens. There are over 2,138 deaths in this year, 2018 alone. 2,138 is the official figure up to July 11th but I promise you, I know, there are so many more never recorded, never counted, never named but somewhere, someone will mourn.

We have spent the last few months in Ireland, for differing reasons, but now we need to get back to offering whatever help we can. We know what we do is not massive, not brave nor groundbreaking, but we will continue to do so as long as we are needed or physically can. We still believe that we as a nation, we as internationals, we as humanitarians or simply we as humans have a right,  a duty or just enough of a conscience to want to do the right thing, to better ourselves, our world for our own children, grandchildren , for all our families to come, and regardless of geography, religion, skin colour language or belief we are or should be all in this together.

Smile and feel relief and sheer happiness for the young football team in Thailand, their teammates, their families. Feel proud to be part of a world who still have people strong enough, brave enough, good enough to do the right thing, then perhaps wonder why it’s not the same for all children. It should be, It can be…

If you are in a position to support us once more, Our plan is to head back to the refugee camps in August. We have always asked for and thankfully received your support and help. All your donations go directly 100% to where they are needed in the camps, nothing is used on advocacy, administration and definitely not spent on us, we cover our own expenses and over the last 12 years have learned to live very simply to keep our own costs down. We would really appreciate any and all help you can give us once more, either via donation, by sharing the post or by simply staying in touch with us via facebook, twitter, email or blog.

As always, with thanks, Derek and Jenny

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Last 3 pictures by Chios Eastern Shore Response Team – CESRT


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