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The world and its conscience has once again let down the Palestinians of Gaza. Their lives, their homes and their lands are being  ripped apart, destroyed by a callous and highly backed occupation force of which the leaders of the world are backing and again capitulating to. The Palestinian people, as with all nations, have a right to defend themselves. Resistance to an aggressor , an aggressor made of steel and bombs, is human nature, an inbuilt instinct in all of us, to defend our loved ones, our homes and our lives. The slow genocidal killing by 17 hour electricity cuts in 40 degree heat, the polluted water system, shortage of fresh foods, low or no wages and a high percentage of post traumatic stress related ailments, high cancer and diabetic statistics with a constant shortage of medicines and medical equipment is now compounded with an above average,( even for Gaza) need for medical attention after a six-week onslaught by Israel during the great march of return. I refuse to call it clashes at the border, as one would assume from using the word “clashes ” there would be injury or death on both sides… there isn’t.

Palestinians : 118 dead and over 13,190 injured
Israeli :1 slightly wounded[7]
(as of 21 May 2018)

And to use the word “Border” when speaking of Israel? what Border? Israel have never defined their border? Any of their borders!


Most of us feel useless, wondering what if anything we can do? Is it ever enough? My answer is always NO. It will be enough once Palestine is free. For now though, despite feeling like this, we can’t and shouldn’t give up. The resilience of the Palestinian people, their determination never to give up should be ample encouragement to continue to do what little we can. Make your voices heard, write, blog, shout, find a platform, wave a flag… and always always Boycott.


Derek and I have left part of us in Gaza, We will return as soon as it is remotely possible which it is not now. We have been in Ireland now for a few months, family was the priority for us in the last while but feel now is the time to get back to doing what we are good at…. and we are only good at it because of the massive and unyielding support of so many.


Kofinou refugee camp in southern Cyprus is pretty much an all but forgotten state-run camp, rarely mentioned,rarely documented. It was opened in 2004 to host a maximum of 120 people but now hosts ( badly) a minimum of 400. Most of those seeking refuge there are middle eastern , quite a percentage being Palestinian, and African. There is no determined time limit on their stay and so many have been there, quietly fighting the system but coming up against NGO and state red tape, for months or years.The living conditions are well below standard acceptance with raw sewage running between tin containers, freezers in winter and hot boxes in summer.The raw sewage is an ongoing problem with a pond of stagnant water next to some of the “Houses”. The Cypriot authorities have admitted to the isolated camp being a “mistake” in interviews but despite this nothing has been done to rectify, improve or move the camp.

Kofinou camp is situated as far away from the rest of society as possible, by chance or design I dont know, but after being in other camps, none surrounded by a opportunity to integrate or feel welcome too easily, I do wonder..

And so, we prepare to travel, to offer whatever assistance we can, to at least let the world know what is still happening, to let at least those in this camp, regardless of nationality, know some of us care, some of us are listening and some of us are aware. We have some ideas of what we can and want to do there, but we always remain fluid to adapt to circumstances once we get there. We expect the usual bureaucracy and resistance of authorities on arrival but feel sure we can be of some little help so will do whatever needed to get into the camp and remain for as long as possible.

No dates are set yet, but sooner rather than later. We will again set up our paypal account and go fund me page and will plead and pray for your support once again as together we take on another mission .

We will update further as we make plans and set dates etc, Though we will remain in Ireland for a few weeks yet. Thank you in advance for all you have already done for us, and we hope we can continue to support each other in any way possible,

Derek and Jenny Graham.

GO FUND ME:  https://www.gofundme.com/cyprus-camp-campaign

PAYPAL          :  http://wp.me/PsaGo-1by    Paypal     ( jennygraham7@gmail.com)

If you prefer direct bank transfer, please email or pm Facebook ( jenny Graham) for details

Thank you ….





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