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Picture and Sculpture by Mohamed AbuAmro, One of Palestine’s Martyrs, 30/3/2018

Palestinians did not die in Gaza, Land day 2018. Their lives, like their lands , were stolen from them. Their blood and the blood of the hundreds of injured seeped in to a ground already drenched with the blood of so many , the sweat of their forebearer’s, the tears of their children and the cries of so many.

The world watched again as Israel targeted, shot, maimed and killed. Snippets were shown or mentioned on mainstream media channels with wording such as, “clashes on Israeli border”. The truth is Israeli occupation forces rained down tear gas, used live ammunition, snipers chose their prey and in a deliberate and obvious breach of International law, cowardly dropped tear gas canisters from remote controlled drones onto Palestinian land and  so it continued, all day. Palestinians were standing, marching , chanting for their right to their lands, villages, homes.  Stolen…Taken… Destroyed.

Israel did so with total impunity, there will be no consequences apart from a few meaningless statements , no expulsions , no tribunals, no sanctions, Nothing.

But, What the world seems to forget is they are up against the resilience of the Palestinian people. Palestine runs through their blood, the blood in their veins and the blood spilled yesterday and on so many other yesterdays.. It nourishes the ground, the foundations of all they are and it provides the strength to continue to resist, to insist on right of humanity, right of peace, right of homeland and #RIGHT OF RETURN.!!

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I do not have the names of all the Palestinian’s martyred yesterday but those I do have deserve I name with honour.

Mohammad Al-Najjar
Waheed Abu Sammour 
Ameen Abu Mo’mar
Mohammad Abu Amr
Hamad Ouda
Mahmoud Ruhmi
Eyad Andellal
Jehad Farena
Abdelfattah Abdelnaby
Ibrahim Abu Shaa’r
Jehad Al-Najjar
Abdelkader Al-Hawajry
Sary Abu Ouda
Hamdan Abu Amsha

According to the ministry of health in #Gaza:
Types of injuries in the first day of #GreatMarchofReturn:
– 758 live bullets.
– 148 Rubber.
– 422 Tear gas inhalation.
– 88 Other.


All pictures are taken from the facebook pages of

Nader R Abdelnaby,

Walid Mahmoud

Shehab news Agency

Mohammed Matter and

Mohamed AbuAmr.



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