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After 9 months, this beautiful, resilient and peace loving lady finally left Samos to Athens at 3.00 a.m. this morning. Tuesday 21st February 2017.


No more borders, No more tears ( Previous post)

Sara’s Story, from Palestine to Greece…

Please take the time to listen to (and share)Sara’s story. (In brief).
For all that we do it is still fundamentally a band aid. More, much more is needed. Of course your support, your donations are needed but even more urgently is those the should be listening to listen, those playing God with people’s lives and their fate to find some humanity. For Sara, for so many, please do whatever is in your power to do to help. Sarah is very very dear to us. This video was made with the full permission and Co operation of Sara and her family.
http://wp.me/PsaGo-1by PAYPAL
https://www.gofundme.com/https-no-more-borders-no-more-tear… GO FUND ME

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