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This is Samos this week…. It is a far cry from the promised and no doubt still being discussed “winterization ” of the camps! It is a blight on all those with conscience who either turn away or find this acceptable, IT IS NOT.

We return to Samos in a week. We will never turn away, never give in and never stop fighting for the rights of every human being on this planet to have basic human rights, basic humanity, basic living conditions, education, solace, sanctuary, medical attention, the right to be heard, seen, listened to, the right of safety, of refuge … and the right and the ability to return home !

We are so grateful to those who have already offered help, donated, fundraised, offered advise, suggestions and ideas of help. From the Pakistani community in Ballaghdereen, to Deirdre in Cork and to all her colleagues and friends, to Eva who is a constant support and provider,Bernie in Belfast who has been behind us all the way, to Claire and Jeremy in France and Amy in Cornwall, Denis in New york and Ireland, and Jerry and Louisa in Mayo…  to those who have donated via bank transfer, paypal or go fund me. I wish I could name and personally thank every single one of you, it is the least you deserve but I hope this and our promise of doing our best in your name and with your donations/support suffices in some way to showing our absolute gratitude.

As I said, we are in the last preparations for our return. As you can see from the video ( Thanks M) below, things are extremely bad in Samos. Families seeking refuge continue to arrive across dangerous seas to be faced with the scenes below. We have ideas and plans to implement to try to alleviate some of the conditions below but the constant and more sustainable fight for an end to war, greed, conflict and abuse of humans is to the forefront of our minds and our humanitarian work as always only runs paralell to our beliefs as human rights defenders/activists.

Please continue alongside us, watch the videos, and if at all possible donate,share our updates ( which will continue once we arrive back to Greece next week) stay in touch or get in touch… we can not do any of this alone…



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As always, Thank you .

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