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Is it enough yet?

It is with anger in every fibre of my being I type this, type it violently on each key of the keyboard in the ridiculous and probably vain hope that typing loudly will make more people listen. No more excuses , band aids are not enough and yes, what we do is nothing more than a band-aid.

This winter in the camps in Greece, people have died. In 2016/17 in first world countries, in Europe, in our civilized? countries we are watching people die. Drown, freeze, die from inhumane lack of medical treatment, inhumane lack of caring , lack of conscience, from bitterness, racism, xenophobia, from intolerance and ignorance.

I am screaming but even louder they are screaming and no one listens, no-one that can and should make a difference.Do you understand, people are seeking refuge! REFUGE!!! Do we just not care enough? Is it just not close enough to home? Is it the wrong skin colour that we find easy to ignore? Are we really so shallow to choose which religion we help?Which child to save? Which mother we listen to?

The pictures of dead babies has not been enough, the pictures of freezing cold and wet mothers giving birth in a tent not enough. We have sat with the sole survivor of a shipwreck in my arms for 2 days ( 11 years old). I have held the bodies of 3 young babies as their father dug their grave in Samos. We have lifted the body of a 10 year old boy out of the water 10 days after his little body was lost at sea. I can tell you all the stories of rape, torture, murder, displacement, fear and death that we listen to each night.  We can reiterate to you the indomitable resilience, bravery and sheer fight to survive we witness daily in the camps… but will that even be enough ?

Yes, today I despair. This last week alone we have had 3 suicide attempts in the camp in Samos, The most recent being a Palestinian single father of 3 children. He has been in the camp for months now with little or no information on his future or the future of his children. What parent could watch his children suffer for months on end, after survivng war, dangerous sea crossings and who knows what other terrors, without any sign of an end, any sign of compassion coming forward or even a start at an asylum process to which he can plan refuge, sanctuary and safety for his 3 young children. Death, leaving behind his children as orphans seemed to him his only chance of getting them heard, getting them help… allowing them a life.

We have booked our tickets to return, to do something, anything we can to help. To add more band-aids to an abyss but we wont stop trying. We will be louder, angrier and more front-line than ever. We will beg, shout, plead for help, for notice, for conscience and for humanity…

We ( all of us ) need help . options to donate below

GO FUND ME :https://www.gofundme.com/https-no-more-borders-no-more-tears-2tuhg

PAYPAL             http://wp.me/PsaGo-1by

or email for bank details or to offer other forms of help and support.

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