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So, let me tell you about resilience. It is one of the abiding , resounding characters of those seeking refuge in the unwelcoming camps in Europe. It is the humbling kick in the backside many of us get and need when we feel hard done by when having to leave our beds, our apartments no matter how basic,  and go to the camp.When the rain is rushing into and around tents, cabins or containers that are now “home” to so many, when men and women are soaked to the skin while trying to find another rock, a pallet of wood, a broken piece of wall for shelter for securing the tents and still they gratefully smile and appreciate the little help we offer. When a young child’s face lights up when his little imagination turns a broken metal bed frame suddenly into a bus to drive his friends from Iran to Greece.




We have spoken many times of the emotions in the camps. Yes, emotions are, as expected, fear, anger, despair but without fail resilience, steadfastness and a sense of refusing to give up is palpable daily. How dare we, or I, give up, when those affected so horrendously refuse to. How can I even dare to think of being tired, of moaning of cold or wet… and yet I do, regularly, And in those moments I am comforted, offered tea, a hug and a cuddle and I remember to be grateful for all I have.


It is with all this in mind that we return each time, return to Samos, to the camp, to the centre of those seeking refuge  asking for help, for conscience and for safety. It is with this in mind we will again ask for help. financial help, moral support, . We will continue to ask for your anger to be diverted towards those that can make a difference, your voice to become louder against war and conflict, greed and inhumanity. We, all of us, need help at times .. this just happens to be our time to stand up and do something. Please do!






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