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20160628_171948 20160628_172006 20160629_182301 20160818_150118 20160818_150402 20160818_150436 20160818_150456Proud to hand over a de-fibrillator and ECG machine to Dr Manos Logothetis here in Samos. The machine, along with a huge supply of other medical equipment including catheters, tubes for drips etc was donated to us thanks to the amazing support of Dominic Murray, Unison and the Royal Victoria Hospital , Belfast and will be used ( though hopefully never needed) in the Samos refugee camp and /or Ambulance for the camp , depending on the situation at the time. As always, Thank you Dominic ( pictured at the handover in Ireland before we left again for Greece)for all your help. We are in need of more of the adult pads (pictured) , if someone can help out with this, please get in touch.
http://wp.me/PsaGo-1by (paypal link)


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