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A few short reposts…

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Wednesday 17th February,

We returned to the graveyard here in Samos to visit and tidy up the grave of the 3 lost children whose funerals we attended a few months ago. Please read their story here , dont forget them and the many more that come after them… The beautiful children were 7 years old, 4 years old and 7 months … We never recovered the body of the 4th baby girl, 8 months old…


Friday 19th February.

And the games continue. In Europe the losers of the games are more and more the refugees themselves while the top dogs play hero for the media. On Samos island, Split between a not finished screening centre and a partially dismantled port ( that was running extremely well up to now) those seeking refuge are now passed , literally, between one place and another.

Without the volunteers, things would certainly be a lot worse. These same volunteers who every single night, drive their own cars, at their own expense to the camp to pick up refugees to transport to the port for accomodation. ( While the NGO funded buses remain idle) These same volunteers, Greek and International , who cook from their own kitchens, buy from their own pockets and serve in their free time, who beg for donations to provide clothes, shoes, etc and yet, these are the same volunteers not kept informed, not offered help and barely thanked…The Greek civil society, who have helped from the very beginning and continue to do so without fanfare or glory expected.

Yes, we chose to do this, we will continue to do it I,m sure…but if we , as “mere volunteers”can see its wrong, that the politics and game play is causing needles extra suffering for those asking help, why can the others not…or can they??

One point that should be mentioned is the superb support of Samaritans purse who have remained a presence at the port throughout all of this and offer immense help and respect to all the refugees.

And sadly, again it comes back to me asking you for help… in two ways. First, the mainstream media has dropped the story pretty much , the real story of refugees seeking solace, safety , security and escape from the bombs ….please don;t let the rest of us forget, share the posts, the truth…

and secondly, yes, we need financial help, your donations to continue. any amount is a worthwhile amount. Every cent is used exactly where it needs to be used and spent on those in need of your help. Our paypal account is jennygraham7@gmail.com or pm me for other ways to donate… and thank you all.


19th February,


20th February

The number of refugees arriving to Samos has risen quickly over the last few days. Most arrived wet and scared , including many children and babies. Co-operation on the port meant everyone was dealt with quickly in terms of dry clothes and shoes. They were all then transported to the screening centre for registration ( which is still too slow and chaotic and not very humane) and back down hours later to the port to sleep and eat…some improvements but a lot still needs improving.. donations, if you would like to support our ongoing efforts, can be made via paypal , paypal email address is jennygraham7@gmail.com..

Helen Keller3

21st February

She arrived very wet and very hungry yesterday, along with her extremely exhausted young mamma. They are travelling alone . I hope the frontiers are open for them and they both have a chance to become what they surely could. Thanks to your support and donations, she left on a ferry today, warm, dry and fed… please continue to support via paypal link or pm for other ways to donate… its the least we should do..


22nd February

What makes a parent risk their children’s lives on a smuggling boat, which has pretty much wiped out their money, made them ill, fearful and at times hated. They know the journey is far from over, they know the frontiers are closing to them, they know the chances of all the young, the babies , the elderly , the frail and the injured surviving the journey is a pretty low percentage… but what must they be fleeing for all of this to be the “safer option”.. What? Bombs… Our bombs, while we may not be the ones dropping them, our silence in allowing them to continue is complicit, our silence in watching the borders close, in not allowing safe passage, in listening to our politicians pathetic excuses as to why we cannot help is complicit… If this is our world, its time to take it back … for all our sakes!


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