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12669702_1071774662873163_6490546397032391406_nNATO, Turkey, Greece, Hot spots, transition… but what about refugees, help, war, volunteers…

Transition is taking place and of course the games of politics , power , greed, occupation and War never stop… but lets not forget the reasons we are all here, the reasons we all offered to help…

Big changes are happening on the Greek islands, including here on Samos. “Hot spots” is the name given to the main control/ refugee camps on each of the 5 main islands where eventually all the refugees will be processed, registered and accommodated before furthering their journey. We must reserve opinion of how all this will work and accept the fact that all this is unprecedented. We willingly offer any help we can to make this transition as smooth as possible , especially for those in need of sanctuary on their journey…but surely NOT  at the expense of the refugees still arriving DURING the transition period…

While one camp is being constructed , those of us who can are remaining at the port. Most of the NGO cabins have already moved to the screening centre. The one remaining medical cabin is now on “time share” between WAHA , RC and MSF.. and for now, while the numbers are small , its manageable. Our worry is when , as is expected in the next day or so, the stormy weather passes and the number of arrivals once again increases dramatically. The volunteers along with Samaritans purse are maintaining a presence on the Port, not easy without electricity after 5 in the evening… But we did it originally, we will do it again..  We distribute what we can from the boot of the car, We walk the port to make sure everyone has what they need, nobody will go hungry or cold!!!!


We buy/ supply/ distribute nappies, milk, wipes, sanitary pads, food, formula… and sometimes some sneaky jelly sweets or fun stuff, because we know you wont mind! As the numbers rise, so will our determination to keep all those at the port safe, dry, fed and clothed .. if you allow us to with your support.

So, While the mainstream media may continue to highlight their “Tag ” words… our words remain the same as ever … No More War, No more games,  No more death, No more lost souls…humanity, solidarity, equality, hope and safe passage!


Please continue to help us help others… Paypal link or email for bank details, jennygraham7@gmail.com

As always, we deeply need and gratefully appreciate all your support and can continue only with your efforts.

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