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Crossing borders…

10 years of the siege on Gaza…. and all we have learned is to build more walls and barbed wire fences .

The Rafah border remains closed , an illegal, inhumane siege by Israel, Egypt and the wider International community. Europe is now a fortress of armed guards, trenches, walls and fences. We are being dictated to by xenophobic, racist bigots as we decide which of them will ” lead the free world”….

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Our only hope is in ourselves.In a world of hatred, fear, divide , there is also always hope . In Palestine, In Greece, In Ireland we see true humanity and solidarity. We have always asked for and received whatever help needed. Thankfully, there still is good in the world.

Still we cannot return to Gaza…this border remains closed to us and more importantly to the thousands of palestinians needing , wanting and with every basic right to cross either in or out of Gaza. So now we make plans to return to the Greek islands.

picture no:1 , Rafah Border. Picture no 2: Samos island port.

We, together,  will continue to cross borders, We will continue to stand at the closing borders and shout for rights for all, We will continue to demand a return to humanity by all and for all.

We leave Ireland on January 30th . We would like to leave laden with support for those needing support. We can not bring actual aid as the shipping costs are so extravagant that we can purchase double the amount on arrival than we could afford to transport.We , as always, realise we need your support… financial, friendship … to continue.

Can you plan a quick fundraiser? A car boot sales profits? A bucket round your local? A contribution from a game of cards or a gig somewhere? Trust me, every cent helps for buying food , medical needs, hospital care, building work at the camps..its all necessary. We were very proud, thanks to many Irish groups last year including “Cork to Calais group” and the “Washbags to wellies” group to be able to purchase badly needed wheelchairs, stretchers, small medical equipment, food toys, and some tools just before we left …

People are still arriving in their thousands as the war mongerers continue to force peace loving families from their lands. Smugglers are still sending overcrowded boats at exorbatant costs , people are still losing their lives.

We have kissed the body of a young 8 month old girl , watched the father of a beautiful 4 year old child lay her body in the grave and held the mother of a 7 year old girl as she said her last goodbyes.  We have sat all night with an 11 year old child who watched her mother, brother and sister drown, and so many more tragic stories.This week alone 35 people have died in one tragedy alone  and it doesn’t stop, not while war is a business to some..

We have a paypal account for those of you on paypal, we also have a bank account, email me on jennygraham7@gmail.com for bank details. We will continue to update from Greece on this blog as well as on the “Irish in Gaza” facebook page.

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As always, our deepest appreciation… Happy new year…

And to our wonderful families, Thank you so much, we had a lovely Christmas. ( Our first at home in quite a few years)

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