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Humans of Samos …



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So … Our time in Samos has come to an end …but just for now!   We will return, insh’allah, in January. There is so many to thank, so much more to say, so much to do … but Samos is in good hands.

The “Friendly humans”group of Samos volunteers … Inspirational! Every single morning, without fail, they provide breakfast to every refugee child on the island. These guys, while holding down jobs, taking care of families etc are on the port daily, nightly , whenever they’re needed to do whatever needed.Bettina, Yiannis, Yana , all of their group are the epitomy of the true meaning of “Human”…

Dr. Manos ( Batman) , a true hero of our time. This man, whilst taking care of any and all medical needs with respect and diligence can also regularly be found with a hammer in his hand, building fences from pallets, digging garbage out of drains. He takes his time to hold each child, comfort the mamas, speak to the papas and allow each patient the time they need to find comfort and healing in both a physical and emotional way… It has been our absolute priveledge to work alongside you, Manos.

The complete WAHA team, past and present, who compliment Dr.Manos with their medical expertise. Again always willing to take up a sweeping brush, a garbage bag or a child in need … understanding the dynamics of being involved in an emergency crises being played out on a island sea port… Well done all of you.

To all the volunteers, those arriving for a few days, those staying a month or those who come back as soon as work, family or commitments allow… keep up the good work, you are all amazing…but remember to take breaks. Give both body and mind time to sleep, recuperate and re-energize … you can only give what you have, let that be strength and humanity, not frustration and signs of exhaustion. We hope to meet you all again someday and enjoyed meeting each of you, Well done..

Greek civil society, Samos island residents, port police, police, security personal and coast guards,Anastasia and all at Archipelagos Marine Institute ( you are the reason we actually ended up on Samos) and all NGO’s, It was our pleasure and honour to work alongside all of you. We seen first hand how many of you went above and beyond your jobs and with respect and genuine solidarity took care of many people in need. The security guard ,Kostas, who walked the port with us at night to ensure anyone in need was taken care of, the port police man, Giannis, that sat with me as we rocked an 11 year old survivor of a boat tragedy to sleep, the coast guards risking their lives to rescue survivors and recover the lost souls…all of you, each of you showing the world the true spirit of humanity, decency and what it means to be human.

We will return to Samos and continue to need your help. Any donation ( via paypal or bank)received between now and then will be saved for when we return next month …and used again in the most helpful way possible.

We thank , with all our hearts , all of you who continue to support us and all we do, or at least try to do… We realise and acknowledge we are very little without any of you, family, friends, comrades and colleagues. Continue to show the world we have hope, a sense of justice and a desire for a world without war, without racism, bigotry or needless suffering, a world where each living person has a home and a helping hand…

And lastly, To the refugees themselves, we wish we could name each of you by name, it is the least you deserve. You have shown us courage, strength and dignity in the face of terror, horror, adversity and death. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you there are still some good people in this world, thank you for showing us the truth, for sharing a small part of your Ives with us… Insh’Allah there will be a day we will meet you as you all return home…

In the words of our dearest but departed friend and comrade, Vittorio, Thank you for showing us how to “Stay Human”.

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