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The refugees on Samos port are now warmer, drier..safer. This is what can be achieved when humanity and solidarity comes together. While totally condemning the abhorrent attacks in Paris this week in which 129 innocent people lost their lives and many others were critically injured, we also continue to acknowledge the many refugees that are also fleeing the same terror in their own country.

Samos port has been restructured. More cabins added, a large marquee for those without cabins, a more sheltered layout. Doctors, nurses, NGO and volunteers all came together… and not forgetting the help of the refugees themselves. More importantly and more impressively is the constant help, support and solidarity from the local community of Samos which has never once waivered … they truly know and display true humanity and solidarity to their fellow man. If you would like to continue to help, please donate via PayPal or email us at : jennygraham7@gmail.com for bank details or more information..

As always, Thank you,

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