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Shyma’a smiled for me…

Irish man, Mr. John Cutliffe and friends,   went for one visit to a hospital and spent several weeks in three hospital’s with the children, visiting, helping , listening and this is the outcome…  Inspirational..

“In east Jerusalem, 3 hospitals took in hundred’s of injured men , women and children ( from Gaza)…

In st. Josephs hospital , we first met many of the injured children and heard their frightening  stories…

This is where the story begin’s…

This is where we met Shyma’a….”

A touching video of some Palestinian children from Gaza who were visited in a hospital in Jerusalem, featuring  several people who’ve signed the “Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel”, http://www.ipsc.ie/cultural-boycott/ipsc-irish-artists-pledge-to-boycott-israel



All proceeds from the song are going to help children on the ground in Gaza,

Many thanks to John Cutliffe, writer and producer.

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