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Massive thanks to Alan for putting this together for us. Huge thank you to all of you have have supported us throughout the year with your friendship, love, and of course donations. We have many projects and hopes for next year and hope for your continued support.

Have a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas. May 2015 bring peace and humanity to us all…

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Shyma’a smiled for me…

Irish man, Mr. John Cutliffe and friends,   went for one visit to a hospital and spent several weeks in three hospital’s with the children, visiting, helping , listening and this is the outcome…  Inspirational..

“In east Jerusalem, 3 hospitals took in hundred’s of injured men , women and children ( from Gaza)…

In st. Josephs hospital , we first met many of the injured children and heard their frightening  stories…

This is where the story begin’s…

This is where we met Shyma’a….”

A touching video of some Palestinian children from Gaza who were visited in a hospital in Jerusalem, featuring  several people who’ve signed the “Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel”, http://www.ipsc.ie/cultural-boycott/ipsc-irish-artists-pledge-to-boycott-israel



All proceeds from the song are going to help children on the ground in Gaza,

Many thanks to John Cutliffe, writer and producer.

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Smiles of a child…





Going through some pictures from the recent weeks in Umm al Nasser, Northern Gaza.  Things are hard, very hard, for a lot of people in Gaza, in all of Palestine these days, but a child’s smile helps….Although it was hard work, we , ( and obviously the children) had some fun… We decided the pictures, their smiles ought to be shared.  …, Enjoy, and remember, to continue to help by donating click :  Donate


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