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Today ( Sunday 23rd), we officially handed over the well and distribution station to the municipality of Umm al Nasser. The Irish flag will continue to fly over the well. We can never thank you all enough for  your help, support , donations, encouragement  and messages and hope we can count on your support in our future projects and continued time in Gaza .We believe the smiles on the kids faces, the relief for their parents , the fact that you have all been part of a small project that has made a big  impact on an area is as much thanks as we all need. …but We wish to sincerely thank  those of you who make our job possible. We, both of us, merely implement your kindness, and your support on the ground. Without each and every one of you who support Palestine, support human rights and support us, there would be no well in Umm Al Nasser, there would be no opportunity for another project, there would be no continued fight for what is right and there would be no humanity. The people of Umm al Nasser now know this, they thank you all for their well, for your friendship … 025   To those who donated, bought t-shirts, ran, walked, sponsored, campaigned, talked, shouted , laughed with us, cried with us, to each and every one , THANK YOU…And a special thank you to all the children and younger people who helped, you are our hope and our inspiration. But ,please don’t stop now. This is just the beginning, there is so much more needs doing. We want to extend the benefit of this well  and other well’s and projects. We hope , together , we can make this happen. We can do a lot with small amounts but we cannot do it without you. A special word goes out to those of you who are continuing to find raise, raise awareness, writing, talking etc… keep up the good work! To donate click ;    Donate

We have never claimed to be humanitarian workers, we are fighting for the human rights of all. Parallel to this , we believe in the implementation of long term , sustainable projects and the right to life . To this end, we have implemented many projects, this latest one in Umm al Nasser village will , Insha’Allah , provide clean water to a large community of over 5,000 for many years to come. We also try to contribute to smaller groups, families etc but here is slightly different as in we ask for your trust in this. We do not and will not take pictures  …. Many times, in these cases, pride and dignity is all that is left… 169 With your continued help, we will remain committed to highlighting the brutality of an inhumane siege on Gaza, (the longest siege in history); continue to fight against occupation in all of Palestine. Demand the rights of prisoners, of women, children, families, the right to education, to water, to medicines, the right to a peaceful life, the right to travel freely and the right of return of land stolen. We will implement, whenever possible, projects that, during the fight for freedom, and after the day Palestine is free, will benefit those who have been forced to exist without rights, without basics. In a world where Israeli impunity perpetuates the occupation, separation and destruction of a whole country, where many Government’s remain complicit in allowing this, where sold out media stations give a one sided bias account of the situation on the ground, In this world, we will continue in a fight for humanity … not to be someone’s hero, but because we know right from wrong … and we all have, in different ways, the ability to make a change. This is our small way of helping. It is our privilege to work alongside those that live through war, occupation, aggression, terror, injustice, those that continue to demand their rights rather than surrender their dignity, their children’s future and their rightful place in this world.   We will remain indebted and in need of your support and we offer our support to anyone in need. Shukran, Go raibh mile maith agat , Thank you. Derek and Jenny.

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