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Part 2.

Thursday 23 October… Another milestone reached. This morning, more than 45 metres below ground, we hit Water…




So, The drilling now comes to an end, No more pictures of men below ground throwing out buckets of sand, no spitting and puffing from an old generator and no more listening to the repetitive thud of an old drill forcing open the ground…  It really is the most primitive of equipment, it keeps breaking down, it has been mended more times but it’s all there is, and they manage to use it successfully… obviously. So now, we have water…




Tomorrow, Friday, is a day of rest… Back at it again on Saturday. Next in line is the submersion of the pump which will then feed the water up to a de-salination /filtration system, which is being constructed as we speak and will arrive to the site over the weekend. Once in place, and the water is tested etc, a distribution stand with taps will be erected and water … Fresh, clean, free, deserved water will flow and flow and flow, Insh;allah…

The children of the village are getting more and more excited each day, the numbers of adults strolling over for a look is growing, and therefore the invitations for more sweet tea and coffee, (which is never turned down) also grows….





But this is all part of life, new life, new friends, solidarity between countries, and hope for the future. Although we are ” Irish in Gaza”, and very proud to be,  We are fortunate to have friends and supporters all over the world.

We still need your help, We still need your donations. Your support will benefit more than 5000 people in this one village alone and hopefully much more in the future … Long term , sustainable support in one of the most vital basic human needs, human rights … Water means life.




Please continue to support the project here:  http://wp.me/PsaGo-1by

Remember , You can still order t-shirts also;   https://irishingaza.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/irish-in-gaza-t-shirts/

Note to the Irish:, We cordially decline your kind offer to send MR. Tierney  or other members of the Irish water board over to help, The Palestinians have enough problems of their own, Thanks…  😉 

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