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Derek and I are heading back to Gaza. We will return with your support as always, but, we need it now more than ever. After the latest barbaric Israeli onslaught on Gaza, we will return to work with our Palestinian friends and “Family” to rebuild. Many of you have asked to help, we promise to work on your behalf to do so.

During this last few weeks , you will have heard the areas, “Beit Hanoun”, “Northern Gaza” Israeli border area” mentioned often. This area has been all but totally destroyed by Israel , the villagers in Umm al Nasser ( Bedouin village) are returning home to start again, but with very little.

Water is a right ! We will work in Umm Al Nasser , with your help , to provide fresh , clean drinking water for the whole village, a basic human right, a vital human right to life. Umm Al Nasser, like most of Gaza are in desperate need of  your urgent help. Access to clean , fresh , free and daily drinking water, is a step towards independance, a belief in a future, a reminder of the support of those fighting for humanity and justice and… it is the least we can do…

Even before our arrival back , We have begun to put in place the provisions needed to do this and this project will begin the moment we arrive . Below is the outline of the project , We will personally guarantee all donations are spent here, we will report regularly with updates, pictures etc.

Below also is a slide show of different aspects of the village, including the beauty of the children who live there, the proximity to the Israeli border, the simplicity of life, the need for provisions and the  tough plastic sheeting  and blankets your donations contributed to after the storms last winter.

We are overwhelmed but not surprised at the outpouring of anger, the support for Palestine, the offers of help over the last few weeks and we believe , together , we can make this project successful and do so very quickly. Please donate what you can, read the blog, share the blog and keep supporting humanity  and justice..

Proposal for Well, Drilling stations etc for Umm al Nasser village, Northern Gaza.   Location: Umm al Nasser village, Gaza strip, Palestine. Umm al Nasser village is a Bedouin village of about 5,000 people situated along the Northern border with Israel. The village receives little or no support from Governmental or Non Governmental associations  and only extremely limited co operation from the United Nations. There is little infrastructure in the village and no independent water supply. The water to the homes must be trucked in from the neighboring town, Beit Hanoun, at a cost. During times of aggression or war, these trucks to not travel to the border areas and therefore the village are regularly without access to clean drinking water.

Proposed Project outline:

We propose to drill a well in the centre of the village.   We have spoken with the mayor of the Municipality, and they are prepared to donate the land for the installations free of charge for the project. A de-salination plant/ filtration plant would also need to be installed. We would erect a drinking water station next to the well with a number of storage tanks, taps etc to provide constant clean drinking water.

Depending on fund’s , We also would pipe the water directly to a drinking water tank erected in the primary school of the village.  This way, we are ensuring the school children have access to clean drinking water daily. As we will need to install the pipe work to the school, we propose to erect the second distribution station outside the school, enabling the residents of this section of the village to access the water also.

We appreciate any and all donations, support and help offered. Paypal button   on donate page or click here:     To  Donate, click here..…………….Donate

or contact jennygraham7@gmail.com , Shukran, Thank you

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