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Despite threats to their safety, Palestinians are farming in Gaza buffer zone as a way to regain land and livelihoods.

Al Jazeera article on Umm Al Nasser village in Northern Gaza. This is the Bedouin village where we spend most of our time these days.

“We could not encourage people to go to farm in an area if they are exposed to insecurity,” Ferrand told Al Jazeera. “The area is super sensitive and it was difficult to get the approval to work there,” he said. “It doesn’t mean we can guarantee 100 percent security for our farmers,” he added.

“Unfortunately incidents in the access-restricted areas do exist,” Ferrand added.

But the risks don’t deter the farmers in Umm an-Nasser.

“We know there is a risk, but we don’t want to lose our investments here,” said Abu Freiya, the mayor. “I ask you to come a year from now – this has so much potential. Next year, the farmers will be more developed and use the lands during different seasons and benefit from every single sand grain. It will change family life. The only obstacle is the security.”

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