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Um Al Nasser!

We would like to wish you all a happy, safe and peaceful Christmas from Gaza Strip, the Holy land, Palestine.

In one of our last post’s, http://wp.me/psaGo-13M    ( No Silent Night just a Silent World) , We asked for your help. To those of you who sent donations, we are extremely grateful, Unfortunately , more help is needed.

With the donations received, We focused on an area in Gaza known as Um Al Nasser village. This village is home to  many of Gaza’s Bedouin . Gaza bedouin community is a poorly funded, often neglected sector , whose simple homes are predominantly made of galvanize sheets  for walls, on floors of sand. Curtains are used as partitions or doors for privacy. Roofs are made of rusted old sheets of galvanize. They are mostly herders with a small amount of agriculture being their only source of food and/or income. There is no infrastructure in this area as this community live directly on the border with Israel. They are on the front line of daily attacks where home’s, livestock and lives are lost regularly.

Even before the storms of last week, life was hard for an all but forgotten community. Since the storms, where almost every house suffered from differing degrees of damage , from walls falling down, total or partial flooding to total demolishing of homes, this area has been offered no help from government or non governmental organisations. On the lands by the houses, whole crops have been destroyed. There is hardly any thing left of the crops of beans and cabbage crops are now in water logged fields resembling  paddy field’s of Asia. There is almost nothing left .

Your donations were spent on blankets. With the locals from the area negotiating a good price for them , we were able to distribute 42 blankets. Much more is needed in the form of warm dry blankets and plastic sheeting for the roofs and walls of the houses.

Irish in Gaza is not funded or backed by any organisation or NGO. It is just us, Derek and Jenny Graham… and you. We are always very grateful for your support, the support of Family, friends and followers who read and share these posts.

Please do whatever you can.If you can donate to help, please use the paypal facility on the Donate page. If not, please share this post as widely as possible. Please use whatever  means you have to allow us to continue to help. Every cent/penny/dime collected will go directly to Um Al Nasser ……We will update with pictures of the distribution….

Once again, Derek and I thank you for all your support over the last year.We wish for a peaceful, safe year for us all in 2014.

Picture by Obay N Agha.


Sincerely, with respect , …..

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