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Even before being hit with a huge storm amounting to much damage and over 10,000 people displaced, Gaza was already being subjected to in humane living conditions. The closure of the border at Rafah which only serves to compound an already brutal Israeli siege means the population here is suffering from extended electricity cuts, lack of fuel and a lack of clean fresh water. The lack of fuel and electricity means many pumping stations do not have the capability to pump away the sewage and there have been many incidents of raw sewage flowing down the streets of Gaza. The lack of electricity means that any fresh water available was also not being pumped to large sectors of Gaza. Gaza has for many years suffered from 90% of its water being undrinkable.

With all of this in mind, We, Derek and myself, as representatives of the Malaysian based NGO, Perdana Global Peace Foundation (www.perdana4peace.org)

, have successfully delivered over 2.3 million liters of clean water to different areas of Gaza strip. In certain area’s this was the first water received in over 7 days. In other area’s we also needed to supply storage tanks for the water.

So, on a daily basis we would travel in convoy, several times a day, with 20-25 trucks of water and groups of helpers from each area, including the “Beit Hanoun Local Initiative Group” and with the help of friends and with generators on the sides of the trucks, We filedl empty,  dry water tanks in as many homes as possible. The trucks would do  2 sometimes 3 trips a day until all the homes in a particular area were filled. In certain areas, like Shoka in the east of Rafah, it would take longer, as the trucks had to return each time to Rafah to refill. In Shati camp, we also needed to use smaller trucks as well as the normal ones that hold 3.5 tonnes, to facilitate the smaller streets. In areas in the aricultural sectors of North Gaza, Farmers  have up to now been using donkey and cart to transport small 20 liter gerry  cans of water  from a well to their lands. Here, as well as the water, we supplied large water containers to be placed on the land that can be filled with a thousand or more liters of water at a time. In another area, the water tank that was destroyed in one of the Mosques was also replaced and subsequently filled.

In each area, we ensured that Schools, kindergartens and clinics received water, in this way guaranteeing that the very young and the sick would, for a little while at least, have access to fresh water daily.

Reaching some areas was a challenge in itself, especially when the rains came and the streets were flooded, but neither ourselves or those helping us were prepared to give up……….And we are not finished yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to thank everyone who helped out..And ask for your help again soon………..Sincere thanks goes to Paolo, Fady, Sabr, Local Initiative group, ( Beit Hanoun) , The student groups in each area that helped on board the trucks, The Municipalities of Beit Hanoun, Mam Al Nasser, Shoka and Shati camp and of course to all the children in each area that always make these jobs fun!!

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