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Last post from Ruairi Henchy, who recently visited Gaza. Thank you,  Ruairi , for submitting your reflections to Irish in Gaza

(  Hopefully , Ruairi will come back to visit Gaza and continue his writings in Solidarity with Palestine, ) But for now, Please read and Share his posts.

“Up to this point I’d been amazed at how friendly and welcoming the people were and how happy and cheerful they all seemed to be. But the mask had slipped and I could see the pain these people live with staring back at me…..” 



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Below is an excerpt from the  second blog post from Ruairi ( Henchy). Ruairi is in Gaza on the ” Welcome to Gaza Convoy”.

…..He (Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias,Greek Orthodox church of St. Porphyrius in Gaza City )  is keen to stress a message of brotherhood and unity in the shared struggle for Palestinian self-determination:
The people in Gaza, they are suffering, because there is no freedom. We are free in the prison, in a big cage… And if you don’t have freedom… you don’t have anything… You cannot realise your freedom… The people they are human being[s] so it’s first of all [a] spiritual [issue]. [You] have a spirit and if your spirit [is] not free, you cannot have peace in yourself… It’s first the spirit, then the body.
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Ruairi Henchy from Ireland is in Gaza on a 12 day visit with the Welcome to Gaza Convoy.  Below is an excerpt from his blog with a link to follow for the full post, with pictures…..

“The comparison is often made between the Palestine–Israel conflict and the Troubles in the north of Ireland. Personally I think it’s a very tenuous comparison but hearing the Al-Louh family’s story brought me back to my studies of Bobby Sands. In One Day in My Life he gave a moment by moment insight into the nature of his struggle in the H blocks and one particular line of the book came to me when I was reflecting on Fayza Al-Louh’s words. I remember being mystified as to how a simple working class man, through sheer force of will, had focused the eyes of the world on his struggle and backed the British government into a corner on its treatment of prisoners. In one of the few triumphant notes of the book Sands sums up the power of the individual, no matter how great the odds: “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken”. The Al-Louhs are a simple farming family who have come up against the fourth greatest military power in the world and experienced first-hand the terror of being gassed with white phosphorous and bombed by F-16s. But no matter how many soldiers, planes and tanks they mobilise or how many atomic and chemical weapons they stockpile, the Israeli Occupation Forces still can’t break the will of even one Palestinian family who refuse to be defeated…………..”

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to continue reading Ruairi’s blog. We will feature more of Ruairi’s posts throughout his time here in Gaza and hopefully any follow up post’s on his return to Ireland.

Thanks Ruairi…


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