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6am, Wednesday 6th March, ……………Sun has just come up in Gaza, already the streets are coming alive, . Garbage collectors , with their donkey and carts , are making their way around Omar Al Mukhtar street. Taxis wait at corners to spot their first fares of the day, mostly students and the lucky small percentage in Gaza that actually have a job to go to.   Small minibuses are also beginning to appear to take the children for the first shift to school. ( due to numbers, Schooling is broken in to morning and afternoon shifts to accomodate all the children) .

The Port is already alive, Some boats  coming in from doing the night fishing, others prearing to head out. It is march in Gaza so the weather is very changeable, this morning it is still quite cool and the sea is a little choppy..

Our boat is going fishing for Calamari  and Prawn( mainly, but no fish is ever thrown away ) ………We are on board one of the larger boats so there are 5 of us in total, Irish and Palestinian…..


As predicted, throughout the day , temperature heats up but a breeze stops it becoming too hot. The fishermen work away, casting nets, hauling nets, taking turns to nap , and cooking lunch which we all share together.


24 hours later after watching the sun set hours ago, we are now watching the sun rise again in Gaza as we return to port, just as some of the other boats are preparing  to start their days work.


And home for shower and sleep before a lunch of freshly caught Calamari and fish………………………


PLEASE NOTE: Also in the last week,  Netanyahu, and the Minister of Defense, Mr. Moshe (Bogie) Yaalon, have instructed the IDF to narrow the permitted fishing zone for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from six to three miles of their own territorial waters.

Thanks to Derek Graham and Chris Andrews……………

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