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With Special Thanks to Mohammed Al Majdalawi….

Recipients for Water:

Islamic Society , Jabalia
Al Amal Orphanage
Al Qattan centre for the child
Rachel Corrie Children’s Centre
Cerebral Palsy Children’s Institute
Refugee Association, Al Maghazy Camp
Womens organisation, Beach Camp
Society for the care of the Handicapped
Debra Association, (epidermolysis Bullosa)
C.P. D. S
Charitable Yarmook Institution, ( Mohammed Radwan)
International Orthodox Christian Charity
Holy family Catholic Church
Bedouin Area , North Gaza
Refugee Camps
Some Smaller organisations who collected small amounts of pallets to distribute themselves.

Perdana Global Peace foundation will continue , as will we, to work in solidarity with the people of Palestine, until all barriers, Physical and Political are broken and until the simplest, purest but most vital resource, WATER, is not a luxury or a donation but a  basic human right enjoyed by the Palestinians, AS IS THEIR RIGHT AND THE RIGHT OF EVERY SINGLE PERSON N THE PLANET.

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