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End trade with illegal Israeli settlements
Israeli settlements are areas of Palestinian land where Israeli citizens have illegally established houses, communities, businesses and towns.These settlements are illegal under International Law. They infringe on the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, property, equality, an adequate standard of living, and freedom of movement.

Each year, illegal settlements export approximately €100m worth of goods into Europe. This trade helps make the settlements economically viable.

Trócaire is launching a new campaign calling for an end to trade with illegal Israeli settlements.

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The European Union, Ireland and the UK condemn the settlements as illegal, yet continue to trade with them. This means that illegal settlement products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, cosmetics, wine, plastic goods and flowers, end up on our supermarket shelves.We share the problem. We can also share the solution.We urgently need your help! EU Foreign Ministers will meet on October 15th. This meeting is an important opportunity for the Irish and UK Ministers to urge the EU to take concrete action on illegal Israeli settlements.

If you too believe that illegal Israeli settlements are causing huge injustices in the region, then contact your local representative to demand strong EU action on settlements!

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More about the new campaign:

Read our new report ‘Sustaining Injustice: EU trade with illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory’

Visit our new campaign website: trocaire.org/Palestine

Signs from the West Bank


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