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Latest update from Waqaf, Water 4 Gaza Project.

In Gaza, we have completed the deliveries to the Mosques, The mosques were being used all around Gaza as distribution centres. They are continuing to distribute the water directly to the people. Our Thanks has to go to the many people who helped out with the carrying, especially in areas where we had no forklift and all was done by hand, with particular mention to the shabab( youth) , some as young as six who kept up with the men , carton for carton…………..!!!

We have also started the deliveries to Gaza’s hospitals, as well as some of the smaller foundations and organisations. Huge thanks goes to Sabr and the Beit Hanoun local initiative group, for their help in the distribution of the water to the areas close to the Israeli border, to the farmers in the fields, the construction workers and many people most deserving of the  water.

Today , we will deliver directly to the people again , in some of the worst hit areas of  Gaza, To people , who are still living and surviving in tents since ” Operation Cast lead” , areas still regularly targeted by the occupying forces……….

Enjoy the pictures, Continue to share them and the Blog……. Please, continue to follow us on this project,

Media can contact, Jennygraham7@gmail.com

Jenny ( English)  00972 ( o) 59 2601872

Derek ( English)  00972 (0) 59 2536401

Hussien ( Arabic) 00972 (0) 59 9725117

Pictures By : Hussien Amody, Facebook,  http://www.hussienphoto.weebly.com

Jozaif Ahmed, Facebook, and

Local Initiative, facebook

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