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Via animated drawings , 4 children from the Samouni family depict their harrowing story of what happened to them during operaton cast lead, . This is their story, their words, their drawings………, We have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with these children, Many of them still have physical scars, All of them will forever have the mental scars…….

The truth!!…

…from the innocent eyes of children, out of  the mouths of babes….!!

From the children of the Samouni family

The justice???

Please Note:  On Tuesday , May1st 2012, Israel’s military prosecution announced  that no legal steps will be taken against those responsible for the killing of 21 members of the Samouni family during the 2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

A letter was received by the human rights group B’Tselem from Major Dorit Tuval, Deputy Military Advocate for Operational Matters. Tuval said that the case has been closed after the investigation has found that the attack on the civilians, “who did not take part in the fighting,” and their killing were not done knowingly and directly, or out of haste and negligence “in a manner that would indicate criminal responsibility.” . . .

Please, tell their story, share the video, repost the blog, donate…………

Huge Appreciation goes to Tilde de Wandel for this, a true labour of love …..

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