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The Holy Family Church is home to just a couple of hundred Catholics resident in the Gaza strip. With the help of the Church in Jerusalem and elsewhere, the parish runs  schools for Moslem and Christian children, as well as a centre for the elderly and needy. The Argentinian born parish priest Fr Jorge, along with his other priests and sisters of the church,  also provides food and medicine for some of the most needy families in Gaza, regardless of religion or Political affiliation.

Today, we were invited to attend the Children’s end of term school Concert. The children sang in Spanish, Russian and Arabic, the depicted scenes from the Bible, One young girl played the trumpet, another group danced traditional Palestinian Dabka, Fr. Jorge said a few words, they all sang on stage for the finale just before finishing with a firework show…

Enjoy the pictures…

( My apologies for the bad imaging , I only had my mobile phone with me!!)

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