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Once again, the resilience and humanity of the Palestinians in Gaza shines through. On a sunday afternoon,  june 24th 2012, , under a fragile ceasefire, Gazans smiled sang , clapped and enjoyed an open air music festival laid on by the French cultural centre in Gaza city. It is testament to the people of Gaza  for turning up to this event, and  as my friend commented, showed a form of resistance by coming out, and enjoying the event . It is also a testament to the relations built up in Gaza by the Cultural Center  France , who have never faltered in their continuing effort to bring cultural events here and therefore showing that music, and arts culture in general, transcends all nationalities, languages and borders.

The French Cultural Centre in Gaza laid on an afternoon of music in the open space at the front of the building. A local band kicked of proceedings and then the french Band ” Jesers” took over. We sat under the shade of the huge tree in the garden, sang along, clapped hands, chatted to friends, took pictures and for a little while forgot where we were, and what we had just been through.

It was an afternoon that gave a lot of people the strength to face another night of what ever may come, so thank you CCF and Jesser band, and thank you Gaza for showing us again what another form of strength and resistance really looks like.

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