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Will you help the chldren play?

The UNRWA summer camp is cancelled, Hopefully, the Vittorio Arrigoni Summer camp can still go ahead, but we need your help.

The local Initiative group from Beit Hanoun are organising the beach camp in Beit Lahiya, but funds are short.

The children of Beit Hanoun/Beit lahiya live very close to the Israeli border and imposed buffer zone and are therefore regularly subjected to noise of jet fighters, targeted attacks from drones, and regular incursions of tanks on their lands. For one week , we want to give them a chance of fun, activities , good memories, a safe place to play, a chance to interact and         A CHANCE TO BE CHILDREN

A small chalet on the beach will be rented, activities on the beach will differ each day, lunch will be provided, transport is needed, t-shirts and hats distributed, all under superviion

Will you help. ???

We dont need much, A little in Gaza goes a long way

To donate, please use the paypal button on the top right hand corner ( or email me for bank details)  jennygraham7@gmail.com , mark your reference  “ summer camp” and help put a smile on some beautiful children’s faces.

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