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(Previously)..Generator fuel runs out at 1.00 am, so we get a few hours restless sleep until we are shaken from our beds again by a huge bang …………………………………….. the destruction somewhere in  Gaza continues….

The situation in Gaza , the Aggression on Gaza, the destruction and killing in Gaza  continued in to Saturday. From early morning reports came in of attacks all over, not that any of us has to wait for a report, Gaza is such a small area that nobody misses the noise of the bombs, the buzzing of the drones, the explosions. By early morning , the death toll had reached 13 with more than 21 injured.

At  lunchtime a  drone attack  targets a motor cycle in Khan Younis leaving  2 more martyrs.

An hour or so later, a plea goes out online : “Gaza blood bank urges citizens to donate blood urgently!” ( This is an ongoing plea to anyone in Gaza!)

As we are preparing to head to the Hospital to donate blood, a Massive explosion literally rocks our living area in our apartment, from the kitchen window we see a huge plume of smoke, we run to the roof and see another massive plume of smoke rising, this explosion was on the beach road ,report of  3 killed!

Medics report  1 martyr and  a number of injuries including critical situations in the  targeting of a motorcycle near a school in Rafah.All day the reports continue, bombings in the west or  shelling in the south, explosions in Gaza city, rockets in the north.The numbers of the dead and injured rise regularly as the families of those killed Friday begin to bury their dead.

But even here, in a time of grief and unimaginable pain, the attacks continue. As  mourners were taking part in the funeral procession and burial ceremony of some of those killed in Israeli air raids, 4 Gazans were injured by Israeli gunfire near the Martyrs cemetery east of Gaza near the border fence. Gaza is not even allowed bury their dead in peace.

The funeral takes place of the martyr Ahmad Salem 24 years old, killed in tank shelling in Gaza……Ahmad had only been married for 2 days.

Israeli warplanes carry out mock air raids over Gaza. Drones are flying in the sky. The F16’s constantly break the sound barrier causing ” sonic booms: (A sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves created by an object traveling through the air faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding much like an explosion.) 

For the rest of the day and into Sunday rockets fly from Israel to Gaza and from Gaza to Israel. Drones hover low in the skies, Planes break the sound barrier, apache helicopters  open fire .

Sunday morning, 7 a.m, as Ayyoup Asaleyah and his 7 year old cousin were making their way to school in Jabalia camp, Ayyoup was killed by an Israeli raid and his cousin badly injured………..Ayyoup was 12 years old!

Since last Friday, Israeli warplanes have carried out 24 air strikes, killing 19 people  and injuring over 35 so far.
Over 100 retaliatory projectiles and rockets including long-range Grad type have been fired from Gaza by Palestinian resistance groups.

As we write, rockets and projectiles from both sides  are much less frequent and for now a calmness  seems to be over Gaza as talks  circulate about a ceasefire mediated by Egypt.

Viewers may find some images disturbing.:

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