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Captured in international waters en route to Gaza: An eyewitness account.

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Ronan O’Dowd:

News from embassy officals in Tel Aviv. The Irish passengers are dissappointed but not surprised at Israel’s actions and are in good spirits. An Irish embassy offical visited them last night at the port and today (Saturday) at the immigration dentention centre in Ramle. They are refusing to sign the deportation waiver so there is a stay on their dentention for the standard 72 hours. The embassy expects them to be released early on Tuesday morning, possibly around 3am/4am, when the deportation order will come into effect. As Saturday is Sabbat, there are no immigration officals at work so it will be Sunday before they begin to book flights. It is unlikely that they will return on same flight. There is no issues or delays with access for consular officials during normal visiting hours. The officals will visit them on Sunday and also on Monday. They are expected to be in tranist from the detention centre to the airport on Monday There was no violence by the Israelis this time towards the passangers when the ship was boarded. They refused to leave the ship when it docked at Ashdod until the Irish embassy rep. I spoke to was there.

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