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Derek and Jenny Graham (Ballina, Co.Mayo), have again tried to enter Gaza by boat. The boat was sponsored by the Malaysian anti war charity Perdana the Global Peace Foundation. The boat was carrying 7.5 Km of PVC plastic sewage pipe for the repair of the damaged swage infrastructure. The boat was intercepted in Palestinian Territorial Waters 400m off the Gaza coast on 16th of May at 6.35 am local time.  The boat was shot at by the Israeli navy and forced to return to Egyptian waters where it was met by the Egyptian navy. The Egyptian navy boarded the vessel and after inspecting the cargo confirmed it was as stated a humanitarian cargo (7.5 Km of PVC plastic sewage pipe). The Egyptian navy gave the boat two options, return to international waters or come to El Arish port, where the boat could land and offload their cargo. The boat decided to go to El Arish.


6 days later the boat is still anchored outside the port waiting to dock. Thursday evening the boat received fresh supplies of food and water but sadly is still waiting to receive permission from Egyptian authorities to enter port.


Back in Malaysia they are doing everything they can to help and the attack has been roundly condemned by the Malaysian Prime Minister and the Malaysian Foreign Minister.

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