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by Lubna Masarwa on Wednesday, 16 February 2011 at 05:36

a letter to the Egyptian embassies about the Rafah crossing  that will be endorsed by solidarity groups and civil society orgs because the crossing seems to be the last thing on the Egyptian agenda now. Thousands of Palestinians are stranded at the Cairo airport, and all over the world.  some have gone on hunger strike  and the last decision taken by the deposed government was to ban Palestinians from renting Egypt..


We call on you to sign the attached letter and fax it to the the Egyptian embassy where you are based. Demand an immediate action.



15. Feb.2011




The situation for the hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children in Egypt who

have been trapped at the airport since 25.Jan.2011, the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution, is dreadful and getting worse each day. Most people don’t have money for food or medicine. Some of them went on hunger strike for some days. The vulnerable are getting sicker and some are in urgent need of medical treatment. There are other more Palestinians waiting elsewhere in Egypt to cross into Gaza, not to mention those waiting in other countries.



It has come to our knowledge that on 8.Feb.2011, the deposed government issued new travel regulations with regard to Palestinians effective immediately and till further notice.  The following categories of passengers are NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER EGYPT, even if they are holding visa or security approval or resident permit:


– Holders of Palestinian Passports.

– Holders of Jordanian Passports without national number.

– Travel documents for Palestinian issued by Egypt.


This is unacceptable. All the Palestinians at the airport and those using the Rafah Crossing, the only exit Gaza has to the external world, are civilians. Under the Geneva Conventions they are entitled to freedom of movement and protection from

collective punishment.


The great sacrifices of the Egyptian people were for human rights and democracy. These demands are supported by all freedom loving people, who also oppose the suppression of Palestinians by Israel. It is time for the new rulers of Egypt to annul the decision taken by the previous government and open the Rafah Crossing immediately so that people and goods can pass.






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