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December 11th 2010.

PutraJaya, malaysia. The Big Walk 4Gaza.

Friday December 10th , Start of the IKTIRAF FESTIVAL , derek and Ispoke to a crowd of 5ooo people . The next day, december 11th , 10,000 + people , (Including representatives from 37 different NGO’s) turned up to walk alongside us in the Walk 4 Gaza. The atmosphere was electric, people turned out with every colour tshirt’s, banners and flags, all in solidarity with the people of Gaza. After an inspiring send off by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, we set off in a blaze of high spirits with Malaysian drummers( kumpang) at the front, a brass band at the back and walked for almost 3 km . We met old and new friends from Palestine , malaysia and afar. Leading the walk in full flight was the IPSC ( Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) palestinian flag.  www.ipsc.ie Enjoy the pics !! (Huge thanks to Radzillah for all his efforts )

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december 4th 2010.

Pictures taken while in  studio in Malaysia. We were fortunate enough to be invited to speak on Malaysian television where we spoke about our experiences in Gaza and of the many wonderful people we have met on our various trips. We also spoke of the atrocities seen there, the injustices still being inflicted on the people of gaza, the lack of basic human rights and of course the blockade on Gaza. The show was viewed by 3.4 million people. www.zamzarina.com

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