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 Pictures, including re-enactments, from Conference of International palestinian Detainees, Gaza City, 23/10/2010
Quote from ” A message from detainees inside jails to the conference of International Palestinian Detainees ”

” We greet all lovers of freedom and justice in the world who support our people led by freedom flotilla. martyrs, injured and detainees of freedom flotilla who are martyrs, injured and detainees of the palestinian people and detainees movement. We say to them and to their families that we loook forward to the day when we celebrate together to achieve the goals that you have sacrificed for it, especially teh cause of detainees and their freedom”

Gaza Strip –

Events of “International conference of Palestine prisoners” started on Saturday morning in Gaza city with huge participation of mass and international delegations in order to shed light on the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails. Palestinian figures who have participated in the International conference of Palestine prisoners were the Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Ismail Haniyeh, ministers of the Palestinian government in Gaza and number of Palestinian ex-prisoners, in addition to number of international figures who came from 40 countries around the world including Lifeline 5 convoy, delegations of European parliament and of Arab Parliament, and Turkish and Malaysian delegations and number of intellectuals and scholars in addition to families of prisoners.

Minister of prisoners affairs, Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul said in his speech for the conference that

 “this conference is held to turn attention of the Islamic and Arab world and international towards vital issue of Palestinian prisoners”.

The Malaysian delegation was headed by Tan Sri Norian Mai, the former Inspector-General of Police (The Head of the Malaysian National Police Force). In his speech, Matthias Chang, political adviser to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, asserted that he came to Gaza, carrying endorsement and support of the Malaysian people. He said during his speech:

 “We feel the pain towards the situation in Gaza, and when we return to Malaysia, we will convey what we saw here.” He added: “Israel should know that Malaysia stands with the Palestinian people. ”


PRESS STATEMENT, Perdana Global Peace Organisation  http://www.perdana4peace.net

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This recent visit to Gaza was initiated by an official invitation to YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to be the keynote speaker at the International Conference on Palestinian Detainees in Gaza city on 23rd October 2010. Since YABhg. was recuperating from a chest infection, he directed the four of us to attend and requested that Mr Matthias Chang speak on behalf of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation. Tan Sri Norian Mai led the delegation which also included Dr. Zulaiha Ismail and Mr. Ram Karthigasu. We also had with us, Mrs Jenny Graham from Ireland who was on the Rachel Corrie in our Break the Seige attempt.

Our initial objective was getting a better understanding of the plight of the 8000 plus Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails and the consequent repercussions on their respective families. We visited and met with countless mothers, women and even husbands whose spouses were incarcerated in the many Israeli prisons. All forms of communication and contact have been denied to them, let alone the nature of the charges against them. Mr Matthias Chang specifically called for the setting up of an International Legal Aid Bureau to study and take legal action against the arbitrary incarceration of Palestinians by the Israelis.

Our second objective was to get a first hand assessment of the conditions on the ground in Gaza– what has been termed as the world’s largest open prison. Every person in Gaza is a detainee under imposed siege! What we saw was a humanitarian crisis of untold proportions. Israeli policies and actions have decimated families, crucified individuals and set ablaze a fire of hatred that cannot but consume an entire future generation. The widespread malnutrition and stunting of tens of thousands of children and young children must be the objective of an evil Zionist policy that wants to ensure the complete subjugation of a community in perpetuity. This deliberate genocidal programme is a most cruel act of a rogue state and others complicit in this agenda.

In this regard, attempts have been initiated with acknowledged institutions to accelerate whatever help the people of Gaza may require.

PGPO is even more determined to highlight the continued condemnation of Gaza in particular and of all Palestinians in their justified right to a Free Palestine.

We call on all Malaysians to support us in Breaking the Seige of Gaza.

 726prisoners from the Gaza Strip
 400 are from within Israel and occupied east Jerusalem
 33of the prisoners are women
 270 are under the age of 18 years
 315prisoners have spent more than 15 years in Israeli jails
 110 have spent more than 20 years
 3 have spent more than 30 years
Administrative detention: more than 19,000 Palestinian were detained under administrative terms (detention without trial) since 2002. More than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are still awaiting trail in Israeli jails.

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