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These are 4 new (released after the recent Israeli onslaught on Gaza) websites, mainly administrated by active or former ISM volunteers.
It is an important source of information, useful for human rights organizations and media.

Please visit and spread the word

1) Fishing Under Fire
About the situation of the Palestinian fishermen and the daily attacks of the Israeli Navy.
Includes (for the first time) original footage of the attacks of the Israeli Navy, taken from inside the Palestinian fishingboats.

2) Farming Under Fire
About the situation of Gaza farmers and the rural communities adjacent to the Green Line, and the daily attacks of the Israeli occupation forces.
Includes footage of the IOF attacks on Gazan farmers

3) Sabr
The site of the International Campaign of Solidarity with the Palestinian Prisoners
About the more than 11.000 prisoners (among them dozens of women and hundred of children) in Israeli jails that face authorized torture, medical negligence, sexual harassment, body & strip searches, administrative detention without charges or trial, denial of visits, denial of the right of education and many other violations of human rights.
Includes videos with interviews of ex-prisoners or relatives of prisoners.

4) Defend the Rescuers
The site of the International Campaign of Solidarity with the Palestinian Emergency Workers
Includes original footage of the IOF attacks on the Palestinian Emergency Workers

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Adrienne Rich – For the Record

The clouds and the stars didn't wage this war
the brooks gave no information
if the mountain spewed stones of fire into the river
it was not taking sides
the raindrop faintly swaying under the leaf
had no political opinions

and if here or there a house
filled with backed-up raw sewage
or poisoned those who lived there
with slow fumes, over years
the houses were not at war
nor did the tinned-up buildings

intend to refuse shelter
to homeless old women and roaming children
they had no policy to keep them roaming
or dying, no, the cities were not the problem
the bridges were non-partisan
the freeways burned, but not with hatred

Even the miles of barbed-wire
stretched around crouching temporary huts
designed to keep the unwanted
at a safe distance, out of sight
even the boards that had to absorb
year upon year, so many human sounds

so many depths of vomit, tears
slow-soaking blood
had not offered themselves for this
The trees didn't volunteer to be cut into boards
nor the thorns for tearing flesh
Look around at all of it

and ask whose signature 
is stamped on the orders, traced
in the corner of the building plans
Ask where the illiterate, big-bellied
women were, the drunks and crazies,
the ones you fear most of all: ask where you were.

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Reading as Resistance


The “Right to Read” Campaign
“Education is a right. Yet throughout history, societies have used access to education as a weapon of oppression. We refuse to let Israel blockade our students’ thirst for knowledge.
We welcome working with Free Gaza and others to break this siege against our people’s greatest resource.”
Dr. Haidar Eid, professor at Al-Aqsa University

About the Campaign
In partnership with Al-Aqsa University, the Free Gaza Movement (FG) is launching its “Right to Read” campaign which will use the FG boats to deliver textbooks and other educational supplies to universities throughout the occupied Gaza Strip.

This is not a charitable endeavor. Rather it is an act of solidarity and resistance to Israel’s chokehold on Gaza and attempt to deny Palestinians education.  According to UNWRA, Israel’s blockade prevents ink, paper and other learning materials from entering into Gaza. 

Our first shipment will be sent on FG’s Summer of Hope July voyage to Gaza.

How You Can Help
Our campaign invites individuals to join us at a person-to-person level by contributing one or more books to our shipment as an expression of resistance to the blockade.  This effort also allows institutions around the world to support Palestinians’ right to education by donating new and used copies of textbooks to be delivered by the Free Gaza Movement to universities in the Gaza Strip.

You can donate funds to purchase books (and/or help offset shipping costs to Cyprus) or you can send new and used books directly for inclusion on an upcoming voyage. 

Also, if you are an academic institution or are connected to one and are willing to give Gaza universities access to your e-library, please let us know.

Sending Funds
Donations for the Right to Read Campaign will be used to purchase books directly and to cover shipping costs for books that are received at Free Gaza sites other than Cyprus. Please designate “Right to Read” in the comment field to ensure that the funds are appropriated to this campaign.

Sending Books
The Right to Read Campaign accepts all new or used books for shipment. Please refer to the compiled wish list from the universities in Gaza. 

You may send the books directly to Cyprus or to the Free Gaza collection site nearest to you:

Free Gaza Movement
Digenthios and Avgousta Court
Nigrid Street 6018 Apt. 203
Larnaca, CYPRUS

United States
Free Gaza US Collection Site
PO Box 5772
Rockville, MD 20855

For More Information
For more information regarding the Right to Read Campaign, please contact one of the following coordinators:

Dina Kennedy: dkennedy [at] freegaza.org
Darlene Wallach: darlene [at] freegaza.org

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june mission to gaza




New video of june attempted mission to gaza available at:


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 Article  from




Gaza Siege

 Take a few moments to read about the Irish in Gaza…

I wrote previously about Derek and Jenny Graham and their voyage to Gaza, and how they were trying to bring attention to the suffering in the region. Jenny wrote back to us recently with an update on the last journey, their new plans, and a call for help…

The Spirit of Humanity

“Our last boat, the Spirit of Humanity, was intercepted in international waters by the Israeli army in late June this year, and boarded after being surrounded by 5 gunships, Zodiacs, and an F16.

 All onboard were held in detention accused of entering Israel illegally, even though they dragged us handcuffed and at gunpoint to Israel! We had 2 Irish citizens on board, Derek Graham and Mairead Mcguire, a nobel peace prize laureate.”

 (The Irish were held for 8 days before being deported back to Ireland – full coverage at www.freegaza.org and www. irishingaza.wordpress.com and a summary in the Irish Times.)

 “This of course did not deter us and we are preparing to sail again. This time we hope to run a convoy from different countries travelling together. Our vessel, and the one we need support for, is an Irish boat travelling from Ireland. We will have Irish politicians from both sides of the border and Irish musicians on board. The musicians will record an album on the journey, and once in Gaza we will invite Palestinian musicians to add their own music. We will then release the album to the public to get the plight of the Palestinians out there.

 We, FreeGaza Ireland, are a small bunch of regular folk, absolutely nothing special and we need help. We don’t have much time, the weather is against us, and it is already almost a year since the invasion on Gaza. Although 5 billion has been pledged in the reconstruction of Gaza not one penny has actually been spent.” ——————————————————————————–


 Gaza Siege

Jenny and Derek are desperately trying to help publicise the fact that the crossings into Gaza need to be opened, and that unimpeded entry of humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials is critical. The more publicity they get from the journey the better the chance of the siege being lifted.

 Whatever your politics it’s hard to deny this is a just and worthwhile cause, and to keep up the momentum they need financial support. The venture is funded from donations and if you’re in a position to help they would obviously very much appreciate it. They have a Paypal donation link on their home page if you’d like to make an individual contribution.

Fund-raising events are also particularly effective as they get the message out to more people, and if it’s practical Jenny has told us they would be pleased to help in any way possible for anyone organising an event – so get your thinking hats on!

 (Jenny and Derek will be back in Ireland for the next two months, but would also be very grateful of support from our Irish further afield if you’re in a position to do something).

There are plenty of disturbing images from Gaza, but maybe we should finish on a more positive and hopeful note – a video that shows you the nature of the people, some hints of the hardships and losses, and a sense of what life could be like if it’s allowed to return to normal…




Well done guys, and all who are able to support, and everyone else involved in trying to bring visibility and resolution to this catastrophe.         www.diaspora.ie

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gaza.we are coming

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