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So, after last weeks tragedy the determination  to get to gaza was dented but certainly not destroyed. The Irish will go to Gaza, and we will go in June. After the dignity`s tragic and sudden demise, and once broken hearts and in derek`s case, many bruises, began to heal, we are now already in the process of implementing plan B!!)not that we really had one, but it is amazing how quickly you find one when needed!!)

The FreeGaza Movement, and its wonderful supporters and donors, and of course, you, the ever trustworthy irishingaza supporters, are making it a little easier , thanks to your donations, to continue to set a pace for the         hope fleet to make it to gaza in june.

One of the main objectives for Derek  and I,once we get to gaza, is to help in the setting up and running of a sailing school for the younger generation in Gaza. We want to give them a chance to spend their days like many children around the world, doing something with their lives that does not involve politics, guns, violence or even fear. In our school they will be students, friends, colleagues and fellow palestinians regardless of religion or political views.

If there is any way in which you feel you may be able to help us in this goal, please contact us @ jennygraham7@gmail.com

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