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Please read below the announcement from the Free Gaza Movement.  Although this is a disappointment , as this was how i was hoping to enter Gaza,  it was not the only option open to me.  It did add an extra degree of pride to be going in with an “Irish delegation”, especially this group of amazingly dedicated people, whom i know will continue in their dedication.  I will still be going to Gaza within the next couple of weeks, via land or sea and of course , still appreciate your continued support and donations.

A more detailed update on our plans ,both myself and derek`s, will follow shortly.




The Free Gaza Movement regrets to announce that our next mission to Gaza will be delayed due to inclement weather, logistical difficulties, and time constraints. It had been our hope to take a delegation from Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Gaza next week. Unfortunately this will not be possible. We sincerely apologize to the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and to the Irish people.  
We want to thank everyone involved in these efforts for their drive and dedication, and we would especially like to thank Elaine, Carmella, Kevin, Marie, and all the members of the IPSC for their tireless work in support of the people of Palestine. We would also like to thank the thousands of people in Ireland who donated their time and money toward trying to make this voyage a reality. We are truly sorry that in the end it wasn’t able to happen at this time.

The Free Gaza Movement will continue to challenge Israel’s illegal closure of the Gaza Strip and collective punishment of its civilian population. We will go to Gaza again and again and again, until the Israeli siege is broken and the people of Gaza have access to the rest of the world.

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