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People in general amaze me, right now in the middle of a recession, with everyone facing hard times, you still have been clicking to our blog, reading the links and donating………..yes, donating , from all your hard earned money, and for this i am truly thankful .

From the money donated, i will only personally use whatever little i need for my basics, (and only once i actually get there). Everything else will be used to help the people of Gaza. For example,

 Just lately , in the samoud  refugee camp in jabelia, the “FREE GAZA PLAY CENTRE” has been opened. It is a basic tent used for children to come and play , like any child is entitled to.  But it has trained councellors and youth leaders, (all of whom have experience in pyschosocial work with children )who help the children , through play, to speak about what they have just lived through .  . Some have been injured, most have seen things no child should ever have to see, many  have lost whole families etc.  A percentage  of your kindly donated money will go towards helping to buy essentials for the play centre, toys, food, clean water. Again , thank you so very much.

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